French Video Club


French Video Club Membership gives your child access to a library of more than 1000 videos from Frozen, the LEGO Movie to old-time favorites, like Harry Potter and The Sound of Music all in French! It’s a great way to expose your child to the French Language in a fun, relaxed and entertaining way!

Who can Participate: Any student at Kent Gardens is welcome to join, no French required!

Fee: The $35 fee per family covers siblings and your “life-time” at Kent Gardens.

How to Works: Pick up movies every Friday from 8:20 – 8:50 AM (Starting September 30) in the Kent Gardens Cafeteria.

Volunteers: Parent volunteers are encouraged to help students search the library and distribute videos – just show up on a Friday.

DVD Donations: Give your DVDs a second chance to be loved and watched by a whole new set of kids!  Most all English-language DVDs offer French and Spanish language options. Just drop them off in the cafeteria Friday mornings or in the Video Return Box outside the cafeteria.

Membership Guidelines:

  • Students may check out only one video at a time and may keep it for one week
  • Videos must be returned before you check out another
  • Videos may be returned Fridays or dropped in the French Video Box in the main hall
  • The library contains DVDs and VHS tapes. Be sure your child understands which video format to use
  • Please treat videos with care – a fee will be charged for lost or damaged videos
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